DP RUTO’s man moves to court to block RAILA ODINGA from vying for Presidency in 2022 – This is the ‘crime’ BABA committed


A close lieutenant of Deputy President William Ruto has moved to court to block former Prime Minister Raila Odinga from vying for the presidency in 2022.

Raila, 77 and Ruto, 54, are the two front runners in the race to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta who is retiring in August.

Speaking on Saturday, Nominated Member of Parliament, David Sankok, said he has petitioned the court to block Raila from vying for the presidency for swearing himself as the People’s President in the year 2018 at Uhuru Park, saying that the ‘old man’ should be charged with treason.

Sankok further said he has hired a battery of lawyers to argue the case in court and expressed confidence that the court will stop Raila from vying for the top seat in August.

“Mr. Deputy President William Ruto, I have aligned a battery of lawyers to move to court and block Raila from vying for the Presidency in August 2022,” Sankok told a mammoth rally in Eldoret attended by the second in command on Saturday.

“Raila should not be allowed to join the Presidential race. He should be charged with treason for swearing himself in 2018 at Uhuru Park,” Sankok added.


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