End of an era: Churchill Show will no longer be aired on NTV! The Aga Khan-owned station is crumbling like the Tower of Babel.


Comedian Churchill has cut ties with Nation Media Group’s NTV and is headed to another TV station.

According to well-placed sources, Churchill is seeking a partnership with the fast-rising TV station, TV47.

His popular Churchill Show that is aired on NTV on Sundays is set to be aired on TV47, although numerous agreements need to be reached.

The grand opening of the show is slated for next month at Mount Kenya University.

Churchill reportedly fell out with NTV due to logistical and financial disagreements.

Nation Media Group, which owns NTV, has been facing financial constraints, leading to frequent retrenchments.

Recently, some prominent anchors at NTV were fired unceremoniously as the company tries to downsize.

The station has also been struggling to get viewers due to cutthroat competition from rival stations.


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