When President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo was assuming office on 17th February 2017 as Somalia 9th president, he was the hope of the world and messiah to Somalia citizens to end Alshabaab menace in the horn of Africa country.

His campaign manifesto promised the change everybody wanted to hear.
President Farmaajo promised to fight and defeat Alshabaab on his first 100 days in office, which has turned to be the worst ridicule promise ever made by a sitting president.

After 4 years in office the president has not liberated any town from Alshabaab. In fact Alshabaab has increased attacks in Mogadishu town. Reports have shown Alshabaab has expanded its territory and collected more imposed taxes under Farmaajo leadership.

The president tenure in office has been marred by internal conflicts and differences from regional leaders to his cabinet members. The president openly differed with his Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre who was later impeached through the parliament because of his hard stand that Somalia should conduct elections in accordance to constitution and current government term should not be extended.

Last week talks on poll row in Dhusamareb between Federal Government and regional leaders ended without consensus. Leaders blaming lack of compromise among themselves. The president term ended on monday with no signs of election.

The country political tension is very high with the opposition calling the resignation of the president and dissolve the parliament.

During Farmaajo’s Sunday address to the parliament, he didn’t confirm direct extension of his term but from analytical view one can deduce the speech to be a term extension speech.
Farmajo term extension may drag Somalia back to civil war and clan animosities.


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