Ethiopia’s unstable state might spill over to Kenya


Ethiopia has witnessed the longest protest since the killing of Hacaaluu Hundeessaa, an Oromo musician and activist.

The protests have been held in the streets by the Oromo clan who are demanding for justice and an explanation; abuse of power and use of extreme force by the security forces has raised question of whether Human Rights are being observed.

Different reports have stated that Ethiopia has been unstable for quite a while and that the killing of Hacaaluu was what intensified the situation.

Kenya is at a risk of being affected by Ethiopia’s current state because the violence may spill over to the country, especially the Northern parts like Moyale and Mandera. There are members of the Oromo community who reside near the border and might not hesitate to offer refuge to Oromo Liberation Front Militias.

Due to the less manning of borders on the Ethiopian side, human trafficking, drug trafficking and smuggling of weapons to Kenya can spike up. It is well known that illegal drugs are sometimes trafficked to Kenya through the Moyale Porus Border.

The Al-Shabaab may take advantage of the situation to sell their ideologies, to recruit new members and to enjoy support from the Ethiopians who are upset with the current government. An increase in the number of Al-Shabaab terrorists is a huge threat to the security and stability of Kenya.

On August 21st, the U.S State Secretary, Michael Pompeo, was requested by the Congress to look into the matter of the Ethiopian Government before the situation gets out of hand.


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