EU Cautions Kenyans Posting About Ukraine War


“The EU regrets the incorrect and skewed media reporting on this issue that has repeatedly appeared in various Kenyan outlets and social media, and calls for careful verification of the facts,” read the statement.

“Given that in some cases deliberate disinformation is being spread, the EU Embassies present in Kenya are ready to provide accurate data,” the EU stated.

The statement by the EU comes after the emergence of various reports regarding incidents of racism that some Africans in Ukraine were facing as they sought to leave the country being attacked by Russia.

Additionally, the German Embassy added that part of the false information shared was being driven by individuals supporting the war.

“We also note with concern the many rumors circulating among Kenyans on Twitter regarding this topic as well. Please verify the information because you repost. The attack on Ukraine is also fought with active disinformation,” the embassy added.

The embassy further shared a preliminary report by, digital analyst, Marc Owen who released data showing that there were several social media accounts in the country used to spread false information regarding the war.

Particularly, Owen noted that social media accounts marketing various products were using hashtags, especially pro-Russian hashtags which were driving partisan narratives regarding the war.

“Accounts boosting hashtags seem to be accounts offering products such as laptops. Most of them seem to be connected to Kenya. Of course, their tweets boost the trend,” he reported.

The posts are ultimately flooding digital platforms such as Whatsapp where Kenyans are sharing them in the form of memes and forwarded messages on social groups. 


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