Faded socialite, VERA SIDIKA, says she is yearning to get pregnant again, days after delivery – I want a boy.


Vera Sidika is yearning to have another baby, barely a week after giving birth to her daughter, Asia Brown.

She revealed this through her Insta stories where she wrote, “How soon can someone get pregnant after CS delivery? 

“With such an option, I wouldn’t mind another one soon. Boy hopefully,” she wrote.

She further admitted that she duped her friends and fans to believe that she would give birth in November, only to do it on October 20.

She reportedly did this for security reasons.

“I remember telling Y’all I am due 1st November when it was actually a few days to my scheduled delivery date. 

“I like throwing people off so I can have space to do me. 

“They must not always know everything or exactly dates and timings everything in your life is happening.

“For security reasons and sanity,” she added.


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