Farmaajo Importing Weapons From Turkey To Rig Elections


Somalia seems to be walking a tight rope even as election approaches. On 12th December 2020, Somalia’s Council Of The Presidential Candidates Union issued a press statement expressing concerns about a planned delivery of weapons and ammunitions from the Turkish Government to the Harma’ad unit of Somalia Police Force as the country closes in on the general elections.

Apparently, a Turkish aircraft is set to deliver 1000 G3 Machine guns and 150,000 bullets by 18th December. The council is worried about the amount of weapons and ammo’s flooding in the country at this sensitive electioneering period.

President Farmaajo has already used the Harma’ad forces for coercion and rigging of regional election and so there is no doubt that the same forces and weapons from Turkey will be used to hijack the upcoming elections.

In the release, the council has questioned the timing and requested the government of Turkey to delay delivery of the weapons until after the upcoming election.

This comes just a fortnight after this Council strongly condemned the inflammatory & war-inciting remarks made by the Governor of Banadir Region. The Council took the Governor’s threat seriously as a message from President Farmaajo directed at members of the Council.

Six people died during a gunfire that erupted yesterday during the anti-government protests in Mogadishu. Demonstrators denounced President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed over delayed votes for both houses of parliament.

The polls were due early this month but became snagged on disagreements over the composition of the electoral board.
The opposition accused the government of packing it with sympathizers, which officials deny.
Early this month, the council rejected the move by the election commission established by the FGS to elect a chairperson. They regarded it as a provocative move meant to create chaos and hinder the elections.


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