Former garbage collector turned rapper, JULIANI, reveals LILLIAN hit on him first and discloses where they met for the first time.


Rapper Julius Owino, better known as Juliani, has opened up on his affair with Governor Alfred Mutua’s ex-wife Lillian Nganga.

Speaking in a candid interview with one of the local dailies, the former Ukoo Flani rapper, who was once a garbage collector in Dandora, said he met Lillian for the first time during a party organized by activist Boniface Mwangi.

They exchanged phone numbers and while Juliani had no intentions of dating her, she started hitting on him.

“I had no agenda with her and I never went out to have her. She took my number first,” he said.

Juliani said Lillian sent him a message on his birthday and they began having random conversations.

After some time, their love started blossoming.

According to the rapper, the former Machakos County First Lady was attracted to him because of his personality and his love for philosophy, a topic that she is also interested in.

“I think she was attracted to my conversation on philosophy and she wanted to find out more. 

“She told me a little bit of where she was in her life and the decision she was trying to make,” he added.

Juliani said he received a lot of threats when they made their affair public.

He would be trailed by suspicious cars and receive a lot of threatening calls.

He said that he still fears for his life.


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