Former Kiss FM presenter ADELLE ONYANGO trashes her late father – Gives reasons why she will never forgive him.


Former Kiss FM presenter, Adelle Onyango, has revealed that she had a troubled childhood even though she was brought up in a rich family.

Speaking in an interview with A-Star on his CTA channel, the seasoned media personality said her late father was very abusive and caused emotional pain to her and her mother.

“My dad was very abusive to my mum. I think he had a problem with alcohol. 

“He was not a good husband at all and was not a good father in that regard.

“Because if you treat your children’s mother in an abusive manner, then that means you are not being a good father at the same time,” she said.

As a result, she suffered childhood trauma because of her father’s violent nature.

She acknowledges that the anxiety she currently suffers is a result of childhood trauma caused by her father’s violence.

“We didn’t have a good relationship because he was violent. After undergoing therapy, I have understood that my anxiety issue can be stemmed back to that. 

“Element of it came from childhood…..whereby you are seated and wondering…. I hope he is not going to be violent today,” she said.

Adelle’s father was a former managing director of Nzoia Sugar Company.


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