Four Terrorists Killed After Orchestrating an IED Attack.


A suspected Alshabaab IED has today cost the lives of over 10 local passengers who were heading to Mandera Town using the Arabia-Mandera road earlier this morning.

Immediately after the IED exploded, attackers reinforced it with PKM, RPG and AK47 rifles fire which caused over six other local passengers to suffer severe injuries; they are currently receiving medical attention at Mandera Referral Hospital.

Fortunately, a GSU patrol team which was close to the area responded promptly and managed to kill four terrorists while the rest fled towards Somalia border.

Security forces have been vigilant since the reports of impending terror attacks were reported by the US Embassy a few days ago.

Unconfirmed information indicate that the official death toll is still rising. Meanwhile, investigations are underway to capture the attackers who managed to escape the scene.

Citizens have been urged by the government to help fight terrorism by being on the lookout and reporting any suspicious activities to a nearby station.


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