Gedo Region Bears The Brunt Of Famine


A humanitarian crisis looms in Gedo Region, Southern Somalia, as the Kenya-Somalia border region faces the worst drought in Somalia’s history.

Horrifying online photos and information paint a scenario whereby several children have succumbed to dehydration & shortage of food. This situation urgently requires humanitarian intervention especially in Wargadudo, a village in Gedo region.

Gedo Drought Relief Committee in partnership with USAID Somalia and AMISOM, have initiated a fundraising campaign to help people affected by the drought and water shortages. So far, they have collected a total sum of money worth of 24 water tanks for both human and livestock in hard to reach areas.

Apart from effects of Climate change, the frequent droughts in the region whose landscape is part of one of the major watersheds in the country, the Juba Basin, have also been compounded by Somalia’s president Farmaajo’s military conflict in an attempt to fight Jubaland State administration, Al-Shabaab insurgency and closure of cross border trade with Kenya

Farmaajo government is doing nothing about the devastating situation in Gedo region. The government is currently preoccupied with election stalemate. Perhaps the region only becomes important to Somalia’s political class during elections and settling of political scores.


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