Get to know more about the Belgian billionaire Merc De Mesel who gifted his Kenyan girlfriend Sh 102 Million through this interview.


Today article is a very special one in this we are going to interview the person who is known for his generous Funds for BCH community. Everyone in BCH community is familiar with one name @MarcDeMesel many us know for his Fundings . I am very excited and curious today for having an interview of him and I know alot of us curious about this man . Let’s find out answers of the question to know more about Marc.

Introduction of Marc is hard for me and I will be not able to justify his personalities in my words. Marc is an investor since 2008 with 40% CAGR, Marc invested in BTC (Bitcoin) since 2012 He sees what others were unable to see in crypto currencies. He is very fond of volunteerism as we all know about it with all that he is a youtuber . On his Youtube he share his life experiences which also includes financial experience he have. Now I don’t want to bore everyone with my words lets start interview with Marc.

Q1. As I said I will be not able to introduce you correctly. So tell us what Marc de mesel do?

“I’m an investor, I invest in cryptocurrencies and stocks. I usually hold my investments for many years as it usually takes also long before an investment goes from seriously undervalued, when I try to buy, to seriously overvalued, when I try to sell.”

Q2. Where did you grow up?

“I grew up in Belgium, Europe, the northern Dutch part of Belgium called Flanders. They have beautiful small cities like Bruges, Ghent and Antwerp with historical medieval city centers that are very pleasant to walk in during summer and drink something outside on the many terrasses.”

Q3. Right now you are inspiration for thousands of people but Who inspired you?

“I got inspired by big entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Roger Ver and great investors like Marc Faber, Roland Vandamme, Edward Thorp. Also was very inspired by philosophers, liberal thinkers and economists like Nietzsche, Ludwig Von Mises, Ayn Rand, Julian L. Simon and Stefan Molyneux. There are many more as I love to browse the internet, following my curiosity, watching videos every day about all kind of topics, including, girls, dating, supercars :

Q4. You are Serial investor and investing needs creativity, What is your creative process like?

“Great question! I think very often about my investments, and look at it from different sides, what could go wrong, why it may not pan out. I try to see objectively the pros and cons, the realistic risks and potential rewards. I also try to be in touch with my feelings, and what they tell me about a person or investment.”

Q5. You started in crypto world in 2012 with bitcoin and now you are one of the top supporter/funder of BCH. What Made you change your belief from BTC to BCH?

“Already very early on, middle 2013 I noticed a bad attitude by some people in Bitcoin, they were very dismissive and even hostile towards other coins like Litecoin or Peercoin, and so was I in beginning, thinking they made no chance against Bitcoin’s strong network effect. But towards end 2013 I realized competition is actually good as it brings out the best in people, and even though these offerings may not succeed, some likely will in the future as the potential cryptocurrency market is very big and many niches will exist.

As the years went on Bitcoin “Maximalism”, as they called it politely, only got worse to the point that absolute idiotic ideas as looking at the bitcoin blockchain as a scarce resource, where only those that payed a high price, should get access to, got the upper hand.

By early 2017 when it became clear they would not increase block size and transactions would likely become a lot more expensive in future, I had enough and sold all my BTC for other crypto’s, just in time as only months later BTC market share started to drop from 85% to bottom of 35% only 1 year later. When in middle 2017 Bitcoin Cash forked off Bitcoin, I was very happy it finally happened and invested big in it from the start as we finally had a Bitcoin again that was lead well, where onchain transaction remained cheap and fast, and where the vision to continue to innovate and attract all kind of use cases and application to Bitcoin, was strong.”

Q7. You supported Flipstarter nodes campaign with heavy funds , You supported with heavy funds . People wonder what in return you will get as you are an investor and investor invest for profit. What profit you can get from these donations?

“I made a lot but also invested a lot in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash later, not only in money, but also in time. The donations I made to @flipstarter teams are only a small part compared to my holdings, and if I don’t do them, the chance Bitcoin Cash fails and my BCH goes down in value is a lot higher. It makes perfect financial sense for me to donate big to for example, as they are by far the most promising application that uses Bitcoin Cash as a currency that may attract massive adoption and put BCH in the hands of many new people, that earned them!

It’s easy to build a cryptocurrency these days, it’s very hard to build a unique use case that finds strong adoption. It requires not only great coding skills, but also great entrepreneurial skills, a combination of talents that is rare and clearly present in team as well as the BCHN team that is building an alternative client to dominant BitcoinABC client, also a team with great track record, strong vision and work ethic, respect for the community, users and investors, hence why I invest/donate strong to them.”

Q8. You are a great father and we can see your love towards your kids in your videos. World is changing rapidly and technological revolution changing things faster than ever. Being a father what skills you will make sure your kids should have for surviving in future ?

“Thank you so much Thinking for yourself is very valuable, using your own logic, your own reason, and possibly coming to conclusions that are very controversial, still finding the courage to speak them, to follow them, to invest in them, is hard. We are social creatures and being excluded from the group in the past often meant death, hence why we follow the group all too often, yet in entrepreneurship and investing, the group is often wrong or very late to see it. You have to be ahead of the pack if you want to make money, and for that independent thinking is crucial.

As children this gets often beaten out of us by teachers and parents who want you to conform and will punish you for stepping out of line. I hope that I give more quality time, love and attention to my kids, than I got myself from my parents. Giving them a rich environment where they learn a lot by seeing a lot, by giving them the freedom to follow their curiosity instead of wanting them to learn what I like or become what I want, instead of force feeding them boring subjects. A child when nourished well, when not abused, will become smarter as you in many subjects before they reach 18 even and be a specialist in fields that it can even make money from. But it needs the right support to get there.”

Q9. Why you believe in Bitcoin cash?

“Because it’s Bitcoin done well, which has proven to be a success already. Against all odds, Bitcoin succeeded as an independent private currency, in a climate where it was illegal to launch your own currency and compete with local gov it’s fiat money. People that tried it before lost it all and some even got jailed.

It succeeded because the timing was perfect, in 2009 we were in biggest financial crises past 100 years and even rulers worldwide who benefit the most from the fiat banking system, as they print more of it every day and put in their pockets, were in doubt whether it would survive. It also succeeded because of how it was designed and marketed, in decentralized fashion, making it much more costly for rulers to prosecute the people involved, possibly having to jail many young coders and idealists with no penalty record, and still not able to get rid of it as it was global movement, hence they decided not to crack down on it as before with brutal cease and desists orders and even allowed governmental agencies such as central banks to make declarations about it, thereby confirming it was not considered illegal to use or invest in.

However, they did use many other tactics to slow down it’s growth. In USA they categorized it, not as money, but as property, causing users to have to count and possibly pay capital gains tax on every transaction. Many other countries disallowed traditional banks to launch any services or products using these new cryptocurrencies and commercial banks often went further and saw the new competition as unwelcome, even closing accounts from clients they saw investing in them.

However, their biggest success was infiltrating Bitcoin and changing the direction it was on, from a currency that was aiming to become a global peer to peer currency and bring economic freedom around the world to even the poorest, into a currency that aims to be just an investment asset, where onchain settlement is only affordable to the richest and scaling only available offchain as second layer, where counterparty risk and expenses are much higher.

Hence why Bitcoin Cash needed to fork off, to not follow this dark path, but instead to continue the bright path it was on, to become a global private currency, popular with many for it’s known brand name, it’s cheap, fast and reliable onchain transactions, and it’s many users. Many crypto’s try to offer that, but I think Bitcoin Cash has best chance to become it.”

Q10 . Bitcoin cash enabled people from third country to adopt it as a medium of payment and BCH community playing Vital role in it. What you will advice to people of these countries to do to be successful and make some money in this community ?

“To be successful in crypto world it is simple, but hard to do. Just save your coins, they will likely go up a lot in value, however most sell them long before that to cover bills of all kind. Try to have more coins over time by offering valuable things to people and asking a competitive price for it. You can be active in many cryptos as marketer or coder or build a business on top of the coin, or write for it on Careful for the many scams, and learn how to secure your coins safely, as it is the wild west of the internet with many idiocy and thefts happening.”

Q11. I can tell you after your exposure of generous donations to many projects in BCH community a lot of people with ideas come to you and pitch ideas to get your attention . What advice you will give to them in order to get support from you ?

“Respect my time, so be brief and to the point. Show me how you help in making Bitcoin Cash a success, and I’ll be happy to help you. However many are offering little value, better in talk than delivery, I look at your track record usually, past or actual results. Stories and promises I rarely buy. You can contact me on Telegram at @marcdemesel”

Q12. In last what you think how BCH will evolve in next 5 years ?

“I think BCH will continue to be a top 5 coin, and even go up in market share thanks to more people over time realizing it is the real Bitcoin, guaranteeing cheap, reliable and fast transactions as Roger Ver so famously says, in contrast to BTC where fundamentals were changed and we see either higher and higher transaction costs or less and less growth over time.”


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