Gideon Moi Receives Unimaginable Crowd at William Ruto’s Backyard


The much-hyped visit by KANU chair Gideon Moi to William Ruto’s perceived political base Kericho county has received unimaginable reception. Moi was welcomed by hundreds of people who came out in large numbers to the streets of the green town.

Gideon Moi being unpopular in the area, many believed that Moi would get a cold reception. Moi couldn’t either hide his happiness. He thanked them for always standing with the party. Moi couldn’t fail to reminiscence the Kericho senatorial by-election. He claimed that the people came pit in large numbers to vote for KANU.

“In 2014, you came out in large numbers to vote for our candidate. The love you have for KANU is immeasurable, we love you back and we thank you for the warm reception. God bless you. I urge you to register in your nearest IEBC center, that vote will determine how your life will be after 2022,” Moi said.

He was accompanied by Secretary-general Nick Salat who as well thanked the people for coming out to welcome them, he denied claims that the region belonged to somebody. 

“Those saying Kericho belonged to someone can now see how KANU belongs in this town. We thank you for coming out to welcome the 5th president of Kenya, Gideon Kipsiele Moi,” said Salt.

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