Good News: Al-Shabaab Are Splitting Up.


A large number of Al-Shabaab militia want to quit the group due to the instability brought about by the execution of Abdifatah Barre, a well-respected senior commander of the militia group.

The terrorists are currently struggling to acquire even the basic necessities due to Covid-19 pandemic and also because several operations have been launched in Somalia to root them out.

It has been reported that the Al-Shabaab are currently functioning under two different wings; one commanded by Ahmed Diriye and the other by Mahad Karate, who is the deputy leader and chief of Amniyat as well .

According to the Jubaland spy chief, Col. Khalid Abdullahi, the militants have been weakened and chances of them splitting are very high. He informed the reporters that Barre was killed by his fellow militants after being held in detention for months. Arrest and detention among them is a common punishment to those who violate the rules and guidelines of the group.

These reports have brought in a ray of hope among residents in Mogadishu and Somalia as a whole considering the torture, threats and losses they have encountered in the hands of these militias.


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