GOR MAHIA chairman, AMBROSE RACHIEL, confirms that he is a FREEMASON – Reveals the clothes they wear during meetings – Is this SATANIC?


Gor Mahia Football Club chairman, Ambrose Rachiel, on Sunday, surprised Kenyans after he confessed that he is a member of the infamous freemason secret group.

Rachier, who spoke with NTV on Sunday evening, disclosed that he has been a member of the group since 1994 and does not regret his decision to choose that path.

On how the masons wear while attending their meetings and services inside freemason halls, Rachiel said they usually wear suits together with aprons.

He said they wear aprons since they associate themselves with builders.

“Our society is like a policeman wearing uniforms when on the job and taking off when they are off duty. We just wear suits and underneath we wear aprons. Aprons are just symbolic masonry or buildings because we are builders in nature…even Christians or Muslims also have their own design clothes,” Rachier stated.


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