Residents of Eldas Wajir Town on sunday reported witnessing a drone which crashed in the area.

    The region is prone to cross border attacks conducted by Al Shabaab and whenever they see anything strange they immediately report to authorities or security officers operating in the area.

    This enabled local Government officials to quickly establish the origin of the drone, tracing it to the agencies combating the locust menace and fending off suspicion that it was Al Shabaabs’.

    The residents have also complained that for the last one week they witnessed low flying drones in the area monitoring locusts migration patterns that have swarmed a large of North Eastern and Eastern region from Ethiopia.

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    Kenya authorities at some point argued that monitoring the locusts invasion through drones makes it cheaper to run as opposed to aircraft surveillance.

    The Ministry of Agriculture deployed light aircraft to conduct aerial spraying but they were getting overwhelmed by the huge swarms. The government opted to use advanced drone technology like in the United States, Israel and Denmark to deal with the locust menace before it gets out of hand.


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