Governor ANNE WAIGURU says her husband, KAMOTHO WAIGANJO, is ‘well-endowed’ and handsome unlike NGIRICI’s husband, ANDREW! – LOOK!


Governor, Anne Waiguru, has exchanged harsh words with Kirinyaga gubernatorial aspirant, Wangui Ngirici, who is planning to oust her as the governor in 2022.

Waiguru, who spoke on Friday, attacked Ngirici by claiming that she has been parading her husband Andrew Ngirici who looks like a dinosaur.

“You elected me your governor and not my husband, Kamotho Waiganjo, who is not only handsome, well educated and well-endowed hence I have never involved him in my day-to-day political activities like my rival does,” Waiguru stated.

Waiguru said her rival should not be using her husband in her political campaigns and face her one on one like a woman.

Andrew, who is a local businessman, is a vocal critic of has constantly campaigned for his wife and does not shy away from doing so all over the county.


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