Graduate police officer commits suicide after earning a salary of 18 Shillings – Cops have been turned into slaves.


A graduate police officer reportedly committed suicide on Tuesday after receiving a monthly salary of 18 Kenyan shillings.

According to reports, the depressed cop, who was surviving on loans, took his life after the National Police Service (NPS) reduced salaries for graduate police officers.

The reduction of salaries implies that the officers who performed well in high school and earned degrees will receive the same amount of money as those that scored grade D+ in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).

“MJADALA WA LEO: Afisa mmoja wa polisi alizirai jana baada ya kupokea mshahara wa Sh18. 

“Hiyo ni baada ya Tume ya Huduma za Polisi (NPS) kupunguza mishahara ya maafisa wa polisi walio na digrii. 

“Maafisa hao sasa watalipwa mshahara sawa na wenzao waliopata alama ya D+ katika Mtihani wa Kidato cha Nne (KCSE).

“Je, unaunga mkono hatua ya NPS kuwa maafisa wa ngazi moja kikosini walipwe mshahara sawa bila kujali kiwango chao cha elimu? Kwa nini?” Reported the Modern Kenyan corp.

Self-declared Hustler Nation Spokesman Dennis Itumbi had earlier highlighted the plight of police officers on his Facebook page.

He shared pay slips and revealed that some cops earn a negative salary.

“The Hustler Nation Intelligence Bureau (HNIB) agents have accessed thousands of Police Officers Payslips from all parts of Kenya.

1. ONCE Again, they have slashed Graduate Police Officers’ salaries.

2. They are now earning a negative salary.

3. Our agents have therefore PENNED an ADVISORY to the RUARAKA Thief, the La Murder PS and the PUPPET IG that they are courting a revolt within the service. 

4. Graduate Police in all Police Ranks are furious and they are NOT only planning a Class Legal Action but a strategic go slow.

5. The officers are saying it is impossible to work without anything for the pocket.

This ADVISORY is so FILED!” Itumbi wrote and posted the payslips below.

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