Yesterday evening in the company of two beauties, a general service unit officer who was headed back to the camp was attacked by two thugs on a motorbike.

    The officer launched a barrage of blows and kicks that disfigured one of the thugs’ mandibular anatomy, sending him to the ground rolling in pain. This forced the remaining thug to draw a long knife, which he used to stab the officer before the officer fled the scene leaving the thugs to their own devices.

    The officer returned minutes later with reinforcement and all they could gather at the scene were two canines and one premolar, a telltale sign that the brawl left one of the attackers with life threatening injuries .The injured officer was then rushed to Ruai hospital for treatment.

    Preliminary investigations indicate that the thugs had earlier staged two separate attacks in Embakasi and Njiru, where they robbed innocent members of the public of their mobile phones, cash and other valuables.

    Detectives based in Njiru have since launched a manhunt for the suspects and are urging medical practitioners within the area to be on the lookout for male patients with disjointed jawbones and missing teeth, to report to DCI quick action.


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