GUARDIAN ANGEL’s wife wishes her mother was alive to see her youthful husband, says she would be very happy despite their age difference of 20 years.


Sunday, 30 May 2021 – Guardian Angel’s wife Esther Nthenya believes that her late mother would be proud of her marriage with the youthful gospel singer despite their huge age difference that has been causing murmurs online.

Many people have questioned whether Esther’s parents approved her controversial marriage with Guardian Angel, but it has now emerged that she is an orphan.

Esther, while paying emotional tribute to her late mother, wished that her mother lived a little longer to meet Guardian Angel, the man she has chosen to spend the rest of her life with.

Nthenya said her mother would be so happy to see her finding love in her 50’s even as many Kenyans criticize her for falling in love with a man who is young enough to be her son.

“Mum, I honestly wish you had lived a little longer to meet the most wonderful man in my life now, I know you’d be so happy to see me in this new space in my life.” she wrote while paying tribute to her late mother who died 5 years ago.


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