Guardian charged with assaulting 3-year-old boy


A woman, who was entrusted with the custody of a three-year old boy, has been charged at Kibera court with assaulting the minor.

She was busted smacking him for waking up early and attempted to give him piriton, a pill that induces sleep, accusing him of being a stubborn child.

From the court document Agnes Ngina Muange unlawfully assaulted V. Onyango on diverse dates between October 19 and November 12 in Nairobi’s Dagoreti area.

In another incident, the accused person in company of the minor went to her friend’s house.

At the living room, there was a flower vase which had soil in it and being a child, the minor went ahead to have fun by playing with it until the soil got spilled onto the floor.

The accused hit the minor with a stick which got a little bit of cracks on it.

The helpless boy cried for help but the accused was so cruel on him.

She pleaded not guilty and the matter was scheduled to be mentioned on December 3.


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