He has bought several high-end cars and apartments – Popular Kikuyu emcee and Akorino singer, KARANGU MURAYA, exposed for using online fundraisers to con unsuspecting Kenyans.


For the past few days, popular Kikuyu emcee and gospel singer, Karangu Muraya, has been facing the wrath of Kenyans on social media and trending on Facebook, after it emerged that he has been using online fundraisers to enrich himself.

Karangu parades the sick and the less privileged on his Facebook page that has a huge following and then solicits money from his followers and other well-wishers.

He reportedly pockets most of the money donated.

It’s also emerging that some of the ‘needy people’ that he parades online to solicit for money from well-wishers are coached.

Several people have come forward to expose how Karangu conned them after starting online fundraising campaigns for their ailing family members, where millions of shillings were raised, only for Karangu to pocket most of the money.

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Karangu is allegedly making millions of shillings by conning unsuspecting Kenyans and within one year, he has managed to buy several high-end cars and lavish apartments.

Here’s a post by a popular Facebook blogger exposing Karangu for being a con.

Below are photos of Karangu for those who don’t know him.

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