Heavy Humvee Trucks Donated by U.S. To Boost KDF Efforts

Kenya Defence Forces took possession of 23 heavy-duty vehicles from U.S. forces in a handover ceremony in August. The equipment will help the KDF counter extremists along its border with Somalia.

Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) recently took possession of 23 combat and logistics vehicles in a transfer ceremony with officials from the U.S. government.

Maj. Gen. Joseph Kivunzi, head of the Kenya Army’s Western Command, accepted the vehicles on behalf of KDF.

The $4.4 million in vehicles included 15 Mack trucks, two Mack tow trucks and eight up-armored Humvees to support KDF combat and logistics operations. The vehicle transfer included training on operations and maintenance.

Since 2018, the U.S. has assisted the KDF with over $10 million in equipment and training in support of its mission against al-Shabaab extremists along the border with Somalia.

Kenya has been working since 2011 to stamp out extremism along the countries’ shared border.

About 4,000 KDF Soldiers are part of AMISOM, the African Union Mission in Somalia, and working to secure the Middle and Lower Juba sections of the country. AMISOM is expected to end its operations in December 2021.

The transfer is the most recent handover of American-made Mack trucks to the Kenyan military. Kenya also received a dozen Mack Defense Bastion armored personnel carriers in 2018.

In 2019, U.S. forces trained 120 KDF members in maintenance, convoy operations and vehicle recovery.

Over the long term, the U.S.-KDF relationship aims to improve Kenya’s overall logistics support and operations. In celebrating the success of the partnership, the U.S. credited the “professionalism, energy and assistance of the KDF personnel.”


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