Here are exclusive PHOTOS of the famous Room 350 in Weston Hotel – It is the hustler’s slaughterhouse!


To the public, Deputy President William Ruto is a God-fearing and principled man, but behind the scenes, he is a sex-starved beast who uses his powerful position in the government to prey on young ladies.

According to revered blogger and social media commentator, Robert Alai, the second in command has reserved one of the rooms at Weston hotel, which he owns, for his sexual escapades.

Alai intimates that room 350, which is on the second floor of the Hotel, is where the DP satisfies his manly needs after a long day of crisscrossing the country while popularising his presidential bid.

The blogger also says there is a plus-size brown lady who is always at the hotel pimping for Ruto and scouting for pretty little damsels.

Alai, on Friday evening, shared two photos of the hustler‘s slaughterhouse inside Weston Hotel.

Here are the photos of the room

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