Here are the controversial Asian tycoons funding RUTO – You won’t believe what they want in return if the DP wins the presidency.


As the campaigns enter the homestretch, details have emerged revealing three Asian tycoons funding Deputy President William Ruto’s presidential bid.

The three secretive Asian operatives Rajesh Pabari, Kaushik Pabari, and Harshil Kotecha are directors of Kwale International Sugar Company Limited (KISCOL) and have deep roots in the country, especially Kisumu County.Playvolume

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According to sources, the three are not just funding Ruto to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta for nothing, they want something in return if the DP wins the race.

Sources intimated that the three billionaires are pissed with Uhuru for refusing to give them Sh32 billion that the court awarded them as special damages and are hoping to recover the money if Ruto becomes President, that’s why they are funding him.

The Asians moved to court to sue the State, especially Treasury Cabinet Secretary and the Attorney General who have refused to release their billions.

KISCOL is seeking special damages for breach of statutory and contractual duties over its lease of 15,000 acres of land for sugarcane farming.

However, according to the AG, KISCOL did not seek leave before entering judgment as required in the Civil Procedure Rules hence it (judgment) was unprocedural.

The tycoons have been fighting the squatters over the years for occupying their vast lands in various parts of the Coast.

In fact, at one point, they had to use William Ruto’s security to chase away locals and burn their houses in order to recover their so-called land from them.

It is said, former National Lands Commission Chairman Muhammed Swazuri was instructed by a powerful politician (Ruto) to author a letter that allowed the eviction of the locals to make space for the planting of sugarcane for the Asian tycoons.

During the 2018 crackdown on illicit and unfit consumption products by the Kenya Bureau of Standards, samples from the seized sugar from KISCOL stores were found to be contaminated.

However, the directors turned around and secured a deal with the help of Ruto to import another sugar consignment into the country in order to maintain their profits.

Apart from sugar, the underworld faces have also set their eyes on the lucrative electricity generation project.

In fact, one of the directors used former Energy CS Charles Keter, an ally of Ruto, to do lucrative supplies at Kenya Power using his private business based in Baba Ndogo, Outer Ring road Nairobi.



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