Here’s the V8 that struggling Kikuyu socialite, SHEILA WAIRIMU alias SHAY DIVA, stole from her dead Asian sponsor (PHOTOs & VIDEO).


Struggling singer and socialite, Sheila Wairimu, popularly known as Shay Diva, was arrested on Friday for allegedly stealing a dead businessman’s Toyota Prado V8.

Sheila was having an affair with the deceased Asian tycoon identified as PJ Dodhia Kumar.

The tycoon’s family launched a complaint with the police after they discovered that the suspect had changed ownership within four days after Kumar’s death.

She reportedly accessed his NTSA account after which she transferred the ownership of the high-end vehicle to herself.

According to the late tycoon’s wife, Wairimu had only been given the vehicle to use and return by her deceased husband since they were having an affair.

Detectives tracked the middle-aged lady to Kitengela and towed the vehicle to Buruburu police station.

She had attempted to block the detectives from pursuing the matter through her lawyer but she was finally nabbed on Friday.

Upon her arrest, Wairimu said that the vehicle had been transferred to her without her knowledge.

Records at the Transport Authority indicate that she was granted ownership despite there being no supporting documents from the owner.

She might have colluded with rogue staff at NTSA.

Wairimu has been flaunting the high-end vehicle on her Instagram page where she displays a fancy lifestyle.

In one of the past posts, she posted a short clip flaunting the stolen V8 and another Toyota Vitz that she owns accompanied with the caption, “It all started with a dream. A rare pic of my two babies together away from home,”

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About a week ago, she also posted a video arriving in Naivasha for the WRC rally event with the high-end car.

She will be arraigned in court tomorrow.

Here is the Toyota Prado V8 that she is accused of stealing from her dead sponsor.

You can also see more of her photos below.

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