Al-shabaab militants

Al Shabaab is an affiliate organization of Al Qaeda based in Somalia. Hormuud Telecom Somalia is a provider of internet and telephone connection services for the corporate sector. Hormuud telecommunication is the highest AlShabaab financial, who have banked on the militants to secure protection as well as sabotaging other telecommunication companies that have tried to penetrate the Somalia market.

The marriage between Hormuud and AlShabaab is now causing a rift between top and middle level leadership in Alshabaab. This is following latest intelligence reports that indicates the militant group’s commander’s disagreement on how to share the funds provided to them by Somalia’s leading telecommunication company Hormuud. The differences led to the dismissal of two top commanders identified as Bashir Qorqab and Karate by their ailing senior, Ahmed Diriye.

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A destroyed mast by Al-shabaab

Daily Nation and NTV in October 2019 run an investigative feature dubbed MastWars, which uncovered the underground dealings between Hormuud and AlShabaab accusing Hormuud for being behind the destructions of Safaricom masts in North Eastern regions bordering Somalia


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