How INNOCENT KALIO shed crocodile tears on Facebook after murdering CHRISTINE in cold blood – The evil man slit her throat and left her to die.


Innocent Kalio, the prime suspect in the brutal murder of a 23-year-old University student, mourned her on Facebook, despite being the same man who murdered her in cold blood after luring her into a lodging in Githurai.

Innocent Kalio, a student at Mt Kenya University, was dating the deceased lady.

According to detectives, he stabbed her in the neck and left her bleeding to her last breath. 

He then went into hiding after committing the heinous murder before detectives smoked him out of his hiding in the Chokoaa area along Kangundo Road.

The suspect shamelessly mourned Christine on his Facebook page despite being the person behind her brutal murder.

Three days after murdering her in cold blood, he wrote a moving message on Facebook to mourn her.

“This is more than worse to me. REST EASY MY CLOSE PERSON. They’ll never have peace,” the message read.

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Netizens have flooded his Facebook timeline to call him out for shedding crocodile tears despite knowing well that he is the one who murdered Christine.

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