How Janane Escaped From Prison

Jubbaland Security Minister Abdirashid Janan | File Photo

The Jubbaland Security Minister Abdirashid Janan has finally opened up and confirmed the many questions that surrounded his escape from detention in Mogadishu where he had been held since September, 2019.

Janan is said to be very tactful and intelligent, “it is these attributes assisted me to plot for my escape” he confessed in a phone interview by our 254Breaking News reporter in charge of Somalia issues.

Janan commands a large number of local forces and he is known for being articulate therefore being able to convince prison guards to help him escape.

Janan said that FGS aided his escape, he later confirmed this on his interview on BBC. He said that some senior FGS government officials who hold a soft spot for Jubaland State planned for his escape and even made arrangement for his boat ride from Mogadishu to Kismayu.

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Janan escaped through this window with the help of prison guards

He also disclosed that he received help from SNA soldiers loyal to Jubaland who he had earlier penetrated inside the FGS government before his arrest to serve as Jubalands spies within Farmaajo’s corrupt regime in Mogadishu.

His arrest was quite political. There were rumors that his arrest came after FGS tried to woo him to break away from Jubaland’s president Ahmed Madobe, a deal which he rejected.


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