HUDDAH MONROE reveals why she does not wear panties in public and brags about her fresh ‘honey pot’.


Popular city socialite, Huddah Monroe, has revealed that she does not wear panties while stepping out of her house.

According to Huddah, she hates panties so much that she does not have even a single pantie in her closet.

Even when on her monthly periods, she prefers to go commando.

She went on to brag that her ‘honey pot’ is always fresh and that is why she does not cover it like most ladies.

She insinuated that ladies who wear panties have stinking private parts.

Panties also give her infections.

“I don’t wear panties. I own none. My friends, my boyfriend everyone wonders why. But it’s this private part. It’s too fresh to stay wrapped up. Panties are for people with smelly private parts I think you need it to trap that odour. Panties give me infections too. I’m too fresh to stress to my yoni,” she wrote.

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