Husband Shot By A Killer Cop Wife


APC Maureen, a Kenyan female police officer is currently on the run after she shot her husband twice with an AK-47 rifle yesterday evening at Dago Area in Nyalenda, Kisumu in an alleged domestic quarrel over her house help.

The Administration Police officer who is based in Kisumu East Sub County, allegedly shot her 28 year old husband Victor Odhiambo Onunga for giving their house help Ksh50 for lunch without consulting her and also not taking her calls.

It was reported that the officer left her sentry duty post at the DCC’s office, Kasagam, arrived at their rental house and found Victor Odhiambo Onunga watching TV.

Armed with her official rifle AK47, she stood at the door and threatened to kill him and then commit suicide, there after she shot at him twice and injured him on right side of the head above his ear.

When neighbours rushed to interject, she shot at them, left the firearm to her colleague at the office, and then disappeared to unknown place after.

The victim was rushed by neighbours to the Kisumu County Hospital, treated and discharged in stable condition.

The couple has been together for the last three years and are blessed with a one year old son.

The police are still investigating the incident.


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