“I am going to die” King Kaka bids goodbye to Kenyans as medics report indicate he has one month to live


King Kaka Empire founder has shocked netizens after he openly revealed to have been told by specialist-doctor that he will die anytime soon. This was the response after his photo emerged online while appearing wasted.

Taking it to his Twitter page, the sickling King Kaka narrated how he received shocking news from his personal doctor, who revealed to him that he remains with only one month to live.

According to King Kaka, his doctor told him that he has severe throat cancer type 2 complications which cannot be treated at the moment.

In an emotional post seen by our media team, King Kaka announced that he might take his last breath anytime soon as the fast-spreading cancer has become resistant to drugs.

He also revealed how he has been spending most of his time being attended to by doctors, who have since foreseen the worst to happen.

He however called upon on Kenyans to make the right decision concerning lifestyle to help in curbing the disease.

On Tuesday, media personality Nana Owiti shared a never-before-seen video of her husband King Kaka who has been ailing for a while.

Netizens flocked the Chat Spot host’s comment section with encouraging words, with a number of her fans commending her for sticking by King Kaka’s side and taking care of him.


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