I was stressed for 2 months when I discovered that I was pregnant again for SAMIIDOH – KAREN NYAMU reveals and denies she is a homewrecker.


Controversial city politician and lawyer, Karen Nyamu, has revealed that her second pregnancy with Samidoh was not planned.

According to the former Woman Rep Contestant, she was very stressed when she discovered that she was pregnant with Samidoh’s second child since their firstborn son was barely one year old.

She was stressed for about two months before she accepted the pregnancy.

“It was hard to believe because the other one is still young (10 months) and because of the timing. I got stressed for like two months. But I accepted,” she said. 

She also denied that she wrecked Samidoh’s marriage with his first wife, Edday.

“People do not understand that when you love someone you would not want to ruin him and what is important to him,” she said. 

Karen said she always prays for Samidoh, his wife Edday, and their children.

“There is no way I would pray for my family, pray for Samidoh and fail to pray for his wife and kids. 

“There was a time she (Edday) was admitted in hospital and Samidoh was very disturbed…and I remember praying for her recovery. 

“You cannot separate the person you love and his family which is part of him,” she added. 


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