I’m a changed woman and I’m even ready to get married and have kids – Faded socialite HUDDAH MONROE now says.


Socialite Huddah Monroe has narrated how the Covid-19 pandemic has changed her life and made her become a better woman.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Huddah revealed that before the pandemic, she was a spendthrift and would waste money globe-trotting for vacations.

At times, she would just board a plane to nowhere.

However, all this changed after the deadly coronavirus pandemic hit the world.

She has managed to save so much money by cutting on her travelling budget and other expenditures.

Huddah further revealed that Covid-19 has changed her perspective about life to an extent that she is even ready to get married and have kids.

“Covid 19 has really transformed me. At this point, I can even get married and have kids’ coz if I can actually settle for this long. I’m a changed woman,” she added.

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