Increasing cases of fires in Menengai forest.


A fire in Menegai forest was reported yesterday causing a destruction of approximately fifty hectares of the area.

Witnesses claim the fire escaped from one of the neighboring farms although this is yet to be confirmed. Their joint efforts with Community Forest Association did not stop the fire from spreading until after the fire brigade from Nakuru showed up.

George Njenga, the Head of Conservancy Mau said the fire incidences had reduced in the last years but unfortunately reemerged three weeks ago. This, according to Nakuru County Commissioner Erastus Mbui, is caused by the increasing human activities in the nearby regions.

Mbui went ahead and advised the locals to exercise caution when clearing their farms since controlling the fires becomes nearly impossible with the dry and windy season.

Residents living nearby have been shaken by the incident and are pleading with the county government to find a more permanent solution to these fires.


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