Azimio of RAILA ODINGA names the financiers of the Kisumu-Kericho border riots that lost seven lives


Azimio, the son of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, has disclosed the true financiers of ethnic hostilities between Kalenjns and Luos.

Azimio blamed Kenya Kwanza political leaders for the hostilities that erupted on the boundary of Kisumu and Kericho counties in Sondu, which lost seven lives, in a statement.

Senior Kericho authorities, including Governor Dr Eric Mutai, have allegedly fostered the violence that has set communities from the two counties against one other, according to Raila’s Azimio.

Not only that, but Azimio also stated that several national government leaders were orchestrating the riots that began on Tuesday night.

“This brutality is being carried out by big personalities. They include leaders and politicians from neighboring countries as well as the national government,” according to the statement.

“In particular, we are demanding investigations to be carried out upon individuals who have been mentioned as sponsors of the violence, who include the Kericho County Governor Dr. Eric Mutai.”

Each electoral cycle, confrontations on the Kisumu and Kericho borders have emerged, with Kericho and Nandi counties claiming parts of Kisumu counties.

Kericho, in particular, has argued that Sondu should be included in the tea-growing county, whereas Nandi has previously claimed Muhoroni, Chemelil, Kibos, and Koru.

Azimio on Thursday blamed the violence on an attempt to relinquish sections of the counties, which they think was backed by top Kenya Kwanza lawmakers.

“The violence currently going on in Sondu is not an ordinary disagreement between villagers,” he said.

“We are convinced this violence is sponsored by local politicians who have set their claim on parts of Kisumu County during the boundary review that is coming soon.”


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