DENNIS ITUMBI is on the run after being accused of “manipulating” the dollar exchange rate in order to impress RUTO, as irate ‘Twitter DCIs’ go after his jugular


Dennis Itumbi, President William Ruto’s spin doctor, put himself in hot water with Kenyans after saying that the Kenya shilling was gaining value versus the US dollar (USD).

Itumbi published an image, allegedly from Google, showing that on October 6, 2023, one US dollar was swapped for Sh144.94.

However, eagle-eyed ‘Twitter DCIs’ pushed him on the attack questioning the photo’s validity.

“Well…” Dennis Itumbi replied, meaning that the government had finally followed through on its vow to begin decreasing the exchange rate value against the dollar.

Kenyans reacted differently to Itumbi’s remark on X (previously Twitter), given that the true exchange rate between the Kenyan shilling and the dollar was Sh148.80.

“Pale State House wako na google yao?” Ruiru, how is the exchange rate? (Does the State Department have its own Google? Is this the Ruiru exchange rate? “You must have photoshopped yours,” Pauline Njoroge speculated.

“Google is not a currency exchange where you can buy and sell dollars, Dennis. You’re capable of more!” Muhammad Onyango also contributed.

“Yamune. “Did you use Google?” Githii inquired.

“The shilling is losing value against the dollar by the day!” Denno, don’t push things,” Felix Orina urged.

In April, President William Ruto stated that the dollar exchange rate in Kenya would fall ‘in a very remarkable fashion’ within a’month or two’ and trade at less than Sh120, possibly Sh115.

However, the shilling has continued to lose value versus the dollar at an alarming rate six months later.

In the last year, the Kenya shilling has lost nearly 25% of its value against the US dollar.

It has also lost 20% of its worth in relation to Ugandan and Tanzanian shillings since Ruto took office.


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