Please quit insulting UHURU, GACHAGUA advises MT KENYA lawmakers


Mt Kenya politicians, according to Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, should quit insulting former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Gachagua claimed on Saturday that as Mt Kenya’s political kingpin, he had commanded all lawmakers in the region to obey Uhuru, a former Head of State.

Despite their political disagreements in the 2022 election, the second in command stated that he has held talks with the leaders to guarantee that Uhuru is safeguarded because he is still a son of the mountain.

“We agree with all of the leaders, and I told them that Uhuru is one of us.” We were adversaries, but elections are now over. “Our retired president is entitled to respect, and no one should bother him,” Gachagua remarked.

The DP also praised Uhuru for avoiding active politics, stating that his position as an elder should now exclude him from engaging in political theater.

“There was a problem when he made a comeback to politics, it was difficult because we wanted him as our leader to leave the political scene with the dignity befitting a leader of his stature,” he said.

“For 4, 6 months now, he has carried himself with the decorum befitting an elder, a king and I’m telling all MPs to give him respect.”


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