GACHAGUA’s situation is deteriorating as his wife, Pastor DORCAS, urges Kenyans to simply accept him


Pastor Dorcas, the wife of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, has come to her husband’s defense, pleading all Kenyans to accept him despite his various flaws.

This comes in the wake of a growing uprising against Gachagua, particularly in Mt. Kenya, due to his poor performance.

There are also rumors that Gachagua and President William Ruto are at odds after the president demoted him last Wednesday.

Pastor Dorcas stated yesterday at PCEA Kabiruini during the retirement service of Rev. Peter Mwikumi that her husband Gachagua is a good leader who has excellent intentions for the country.

She stated that she always prays for the Deputy President.

She revealed that many people doubted Mr. Gachagua’s ability to become Deputy President, but by the grace of God, he did.

“DP Gachagua is a good leader, and he will lead now that we are on our knees.” They said he wouldn’t get there; he is there by God’s mercy and might; he will stay there, and we will pray for him. “That is a message from his wife,” she explained.

In recent days, DP Gachagua has asserted that there is no difficulty in the government led by President William Ruto. Gachagua denied on Sunday that he had a falling out with his supervisor.

“Our government led by William Ruto is steady and very stable, there is no problem and there will be none.”

“The President and I are not foolish, we are great friends and even if you hear us talking differently, it is still the same thing,” Gachagua said.


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