RUTO is dating LUOs after discovering that the KIKUYUS had dumped him – AZIMIO MP claims


An outspoken Azimio One Kenya Alliance Member of Parliament has stated that President William Ruto is courting members of the Luo community after being discarded by Kikuyus.

Caleb Amisi, a Saboti Member of Parliament, claimed on Monday on his social media page that Ruto is now seeking the Luo community to support him after realizing that the Mt Kenya area has abandoned him.

Amisi warned the president that if he reduces the cost of living, he will not travel around the country pleading with tribes to support his dictatorship.

He further claimed that by courting Luos, Ruto is trapping himself and will be ‘chewed dry fry’ in the 2027 presidential election.

“It’s uncanny to see Ruto pleading for #luo support after the #kikuyus dumped him.”

“Even reminding me of how you made #raila prime minister and making me want to rejoin @TheODMparty.”

“If you just lower the cost of living, you won’t have any trouble persuading any tribe.”

“The entire country, INCLUDING ME, will stand by you.” Otherwise, Waterloo is calling. Luos have captured you, and you will be chewed dry fry. “Historical maneuvers don’t matter in politics,” Amisi stated on his X page.


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