The deployment of 1000 police personnel to HAITI has been halted by the High Court


The High Court has put a stop to President William Ruto’s personal desire of sending over 1000 police personnel to a peacekeeping operation in Haiti.

High Court Judge Justice Chacha Mwita issued an order on Monday prohibiting the state from deploying police officers to any other country until October 24, 2023, when a complaint filed by Thirdway Alliance will be heard.

“That a conservatory order is hereby issued restraining the respondents from deploying police officers to Haiti or any other country until 24th October 2023,” Mwita wrote in a letter.

The High Court judge further stated that the respondents must file responses to the petition within three days after service, as well as any extra affidavits and written representations on the petition that do not exceed ten pages.

The directive came after the National Police Service began the process of selecting officers who will be deployed for Haiti’s peacekeeping mission.

According to an internal signal sent to all platoons under the General Service Unit, NPS requested that the names of competent individuals be provided as soon as possible.

“The unit is in the process of selecting suitable officers for a special assignment,” according to a portion of the circular.

“In view of this, you are urgently required to submit names of officers.”

This is a major humiliation for Ruto’s leadership because he decided to send the police forces without engaging Kenyans, the constitutional owners.


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