Do Luhya chiefs truly despise one another? Look at what KHALWALE did to UDA Secretary General CLEOPHAS MALALA


Dr. Boni Khalwale of Kakamega has petitioned the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Disputes Resolutions Committee to have Cleophas Malala removed as the party’s Secretary General.

In the petition, in which the UDA was mentioned as an interested party, Khalwale accused Malala of abusing his position to take advantage of events that would benefit him at the expense of the Petitioners and other party members.

He also accused Malala of usurping the rights and activities of the National Elections Board, the party’s only organ tasked with dealing with internal party elections.

“The Petitioners will suffer irreparable personal loss and prejudice if the Honorable Committee does not intervene,” Partially read the statement

Khalwale expressed disappointment that the response had engaged regional and county managers to oversee the upcoming grassroots elections on December 9, 2023.

The plaintiffs claimed that the hiring decision was taken without consultation with other significant party organizations such as the National Executive Committee or the National Elections Board.

As a result, Khalwale requested that the committee impose an injunction to prevent Malala from performing the duties of the UDA Secretary-General.

Khalwale and Walter Mkinginyi Trenk filed the petition together.

The appeal comes just weeks after Malala and Khalwale spat over the former’s request to all UDA-allied parties to dissolve their organizations and join the ruling coalition.


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