Is RUTO’s CS SOIPAN TUYA a swindler? See what she did to her own husband while requesting a staggering Sh525,000 in monthly maintenance?


Soipan Tuya, the Environment Cabinet Secretary, stunned many when she filed a lawsuit against her own husband.

Soipan went to court, saying that her husband, Stephen Saibulu, is physically and emotionally abusive, and requesting the court to grant her custody of their two children.

According to court filings, the CS is seeking a protective order against her husband on behalf of herself, her children, and her domestic workers through the law firm Daniel Ondabu and Company Advocates.

The CS is also requesting custody of her two children as well as Ksh525,000 for their support.

“The Respondent relentlessly treats the Plaintiff/Applicant, their children, and the applicant’s domestic workers with cruelty and has been psychologically, emotionally, and verbally abusive,” she said.

“Owing to the abusive and erratic nature of the Respondent, the Plaintiff/Applicant, their children, and the applicant’s domestic workers have been living in mortal fear for their lives.”

Tuya is requesting Ksh225,000, which is half the cost of the two children’s school fees.

She also wants Ksh100,000 for the kids’ monthly entertainment. The CS wants an additional Ksh100,000 to cover the cost of caring for the children.

Tuya has also requested that the court issue a restraining order against Saibulu.

According to the CS, her relationship with her husband has been difficult because to his inability to accept responsibility for the children’s upkeep and maintenance, as well as several incidents of aggression, abuse, and infidelity.

She stated that she has been left as the sole breadwinner, responsible for all of the children’s basic necessities such as food, shelter, schooling, and clothing.

Tuya accused Saibulu of neglecting to perform his responsibilities since their divorce in October 2020.


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