The first misstep is made by newly hired government spokesman ISAAC MWAURA, who lies to the public without blinking


Isaac Mwaura, the newly designated government spokesman, may have made his first mistake.

This comes after he lied to the public on national television about the deployment to Haiti.

In a statement, Thirdway Alliance Party Leader and lawyer Ekuru Aukot chastised Mwaura for making misleading statements about his petition against the State’s proposal to deploy police to Haiti.

Aukot expressed his displeasure with Mwaura’s comments during an interview, in which the former congressman claimed to have phoned the leader of the Thirdway Alliance Party to inquire about his intention to go to court to halt the deployment, which has now been suspended by the High Court.

“Stop telling lies. You lied about talking to me about the Haiti petition. “Why are you such liars?” According to Aukot.

During the interview, Isaac Mwaura told the public that the government is dedicated to following all legal requirements before sending police officers to the Caribbean country.

“As you may be aware, there is a court order that has been issued because of my good brother Ekuru Aukot whom I spoke to before I came here because I wanted to understand why he went to court and clearly there is something we need to explain to us all as Kenyans,” Mwaura was quoted as saying.

Mwaura followed in the footsteps of Interior Cabinet Secretary Kindiki Kithure, suggesting that the State will seek consent from both houses of Parliament before sending troops to Haiti.

Furthermore, he stated that the government aims to provide specialized training to police personnel in order to improve their capacities and ensure that they are well-prepared to carry out their task successfully.


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