We are tired of asking RUTO’s government, says a vocal UDA MP from Mt Kenya


An outspoken United Democratic Alliance (UDA) MP from the Mt Kenya region has slammed the Kenya Kwanza Alliance administration, accusing it of neglecting to pay the debts owed by coffee growers, the majority of whom are from the Mt Kenya region.

According to Githunguri Member of Parliament Gathoni Wamuchomba, the government has agreed to refund sugar farmers’ debts of more than Sh 100 billion through the cabinet.

Similarly, Kenya Kwanza has set aside billions of shillings to purchase corn from Rift Valley farmers.

Wamuchomba questioned why the Ruto administration is hesitant to settle a Sh 6 billion debt due by coffee growers in Central Kenya, despite the fact that the region largely supported for him.

“It’s not fair that the government has paid out more than $100 billion to settle sugar debts.”

“It is not fair that the government has set aside billions of dollars to protect maize farmers in the Rift Valley.”

“Why is it so hard to clear the 6 billion debt owed by coffee farmers from Mt Kenya?” Wamuchomba inquired.

“Mt Kenya received 47% of the votes cast for this government.” Why aren’t the results of these votes being reflected?

“Is it just? Or did our votes perish in the Tana River? It is time for us, as regional leaders, to go back to the drawing board and discuss a fresh path ahead.

“We are sick and tired of begging this government that we voted for,” Wamuchomba continued.


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