You came to Nyanza to sell UDA, not to develop the country – RAILA’s Chairman now tells RUTO the truth


President William Ruto’s recent visit to the Nyanza area has been minimized by nominated ODM MP John Mbadi.

Mbadi alleged in an interview that Ruto’s visit was just to popularize the UDA party in the region and had nothing to do with the development program.

“I believe the president’s visit was solely to promote the UDA agenda.” It has nothing to do with growth. Let it be known that Ruto brought nothing fresh to Nyanza,” Mbadi stated.

According to the Chairman of the ODM, the president allegedly commissioned projects begun by previous administrations.

“Everything he claimed to have launched had already been launched during President Kibaki’s tenure.” What we’re waiting for is for them to be finished so they can be commissioned.

“Launching and commissioning are not the same thing. “A project cannot be launched twice,” he noted.

For example, Mbadi cited the Sindo-Magunga Road in Suba South, Homa Bay County, as having halted because the government had not paid the contractor.

He stated that the president should have delivered the monies to the contractor instead of messing with the people of the region by claiming to reopen the road.

“One of the projects is in the area I represent.” The meter road between Sindo and Magunga. It began in September 2021. The contractor was given KSh 316 million to complete 14 kilometers.”

“He has completed all of the earthworks; all that remains is the finishing.” Give this contractor money to finish the job and come back to commission the road. “Please do not come and play politics with our people,” he urged.


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