There are fireworks as Governor MWANGAZA implicates RUTO’s friends, including his own CS


Meru Governor Kawira Mwanganza has blamed her Deputy, Isaac Mutuma, on Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi.

Mwangaza stated in a letter to the Senate that the CS, in collusion with other influential politicians in the county, had put Mutuma under siege and turned him against her.

She claimed that her deputy was even backing impeachment plans against her, and she requested that the Senate intercede between them.

Mwangaza also named local Senator Murungi Kathuri and all Members of Parliament as suspects in the impeachment plot.

“They have been calling press conferences and beating war drums on how they are going to impeach me for incompetence,” she went on to say.

“My deputy Governor has gone to the extent of calling members of the County Assembly who have openly come to support my government and wooing them to support him to have me removed instead,” she went on to say.

The governor, who was elected on an independent platform, also stated that she was willing to present proof to the Senate to back up her assertions.

Kawira informed the Senators that another impeachment motion was in the works and that she believed she would not receive a fair hearing during the process.

She claimed that despite several attempts to reconcile their disagreements, both the majority and minority leadership in the County Assembly were hostile to her.

Mwangaza’s deputy and the implicated leaders have yet to respond to the allegations.


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