DEGREE holders are not welcome at my church – PASTOR NG’ANG’A announces as he criticizes ‘educated people’


Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a, the founder of Neno Evangelism Ministry, has issued a severe caution to degree holders, recommending them not to attend his church.

Maina’s warning comes in the midst of a government initiative to regulate churches and require pastors to acquire a basic theological education. The man of God stated his concerns in a video taken from his congregation.

“Do not come to where I am preaching, degree holders.” Visit your churches and participate in two-minute services.

“You have no control over spiritual matters.” Let us respect one another, those learned folks. “David was not learned, and neither were the prophets he anointed,” he said.

Ng’ang’a went on to blame educated people of having a harmful impact on the world, particularly on matters such as homosexuality.

“The learned have destroyed the world.” They are the ones that raised the issue of homosexuality. “You saw the judges approve homosexuality,” he continued.


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