See how MOSES KURIA insulted Kenyans after RUTO raised the price of petrol to an all-time high


Moses Kuria, Cabinet Secretary for Public Service, Performance, and Delivery Management, has sent a message to Kenyans just hours after the Energy Petroleum and Regulatory Authority (EPRA) raised fuel prices to a record high.

EPRA raised the price of super petrol from 211 to Sh 217 in the most recent preview, diesel from 200.99 to Sh 205.47, and kerosene from 202.6 to 205.06.

When EPRA announced a price increase last month, Kuria, the Trade and Investment Cabinet Secretary at the time, warned Kenyans to brace themselves for an increase in petrol prices till February 2024 owing to global fuel market volatility.

“Global crude oil prices are on the rise.” Expect pump prices to rise by Sh 10 every month until February,” Kuria said in September.

Kenyans chastised Kuria for expressing this, with many advocating for his dismissal.

Kuria mocked Kenyans on Saturday for believing in voodoo rather than science, which is factual and predictable.

Kuria stated that’science’ suggested that fuel prices will continue to rise, but Kenyans were not prepared for that talk, preferring to be numbed by stories.

“Mackenzies and Ezekiel Oderos of this world will always have a field day in Kenya because Kenyans prefer Voodoo to Science,” he told reporters.


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