Thank you so much, RUTO! They deserved it! – AHMEDNASIR ABDULLAHI mocks the impoverished victims of the Athi River Demolitions


Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi has endorsed President William Ruto’s approval of the ongoing demolition exercise in Athi River.

Ahmednassir stated in a statement that the victims of the demolitions in Athi River, Machakos county, prolonged their own suffering.

He claimed that the land’s developers acted in ignorance at the time of acquisition.

According to him, the victims may have thought the land belonged to the cement firm, but they went ahead and occupied it with the help of questionable lawyers like Brian Mwenda, a suspected legal quack masquerading as a High Court Advocate.

He stated that the victims were motivated by greed and hence deserve the pain they are experiencing right now.

“When you hire Brian Mwenda and buy Portland Cement Company land with fake titles issued by an MP, and you build a house like this.” You have earned what you have. “A very short cut is a bad cut!” he exclaimed.

Ahmednasir further stated that devious politicians colluded with alleged land cartels to sell the land to the buyers, who are now feeling the brunt of the consequences.

“What Governor Ndeti isn’t telling Kenyans is that local MPs and politicians created bogus titles that subdivided Portland’s land and sold it to buyers who knew it belonged to the cement company.” MPs and politicians made hundreds of millions in the process,” he claimed.

Armed personnel from the General Service Unit (GSU) were stationed in the vicinity to protect the demolition practice.

Houses, churches, and mosques were among the structures demolished by bulldozers.

According to a court in Machakos, the nearly 4000-acre area in dispute belongs to East Africa Portland Cement.


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